Activities & Area

Fethiye (Telmessos) is known as the center of ancient Lycia Region.The Lycian Way starts from Fethiye and ends in Antalya. Faralya Misafir Evi is on the Lycia Path which is totally 509 Km long and the hotel is on the 15th kilometer of the walking route. During spring and autumn seasons, you may walk whole day but during summer season early morning walks are recommended
Butterfly Valley is surrounded by steep mountains and waterfalls. You can swim in the beach and walk the path through waterfall. It is a very pleasant walk through the wood with wonderful tiger butterflies around you. The Valley is also reachable by boat from Olu deniz or you can walk down from Faralya Village. It is a steep cliff of 250 meters high
Oludeniz is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean Sea with turquoise color and has wonderful sand. On route to Faralya, Oludeniz, The bays, islands, Gemiler Beach have a fantastic panorama. . There are so many restaurants, shops, bars, cafeterias on the beach. Faralya Misafir Evi is very close to Oludeniz and transportation to from can be arranged by the Faralya misafir evi. The ancient story of Oludeniz and Belcekiz Beach: Once upon of time, a boy is fallen in love with a girl named Belcekiz. They were visiting each other time to time. One day, the boy decided to sail with his father on a stormy day. The boy told his father behind the rocks are safe for them unfortunately, father did not believe him and they started to argue with each other by mistake father hit the boy by row and he fell down into the sea and died. When Belcekiz heard the tragedy, she threw herself into the wild waves and died. Where the boy died, they called Oludeniz and where Belcekiz died they called Belcekiz Beach.
This is typical holiday resort besides having wonderful time during your stay you can visit different shops, restaurants, and bar. You can walk in the beautiful marina which is surrounded by cafeterias and restaurants. You can also take 90 minutes ferry boat trip to Rhodes Island. You can also have a Turkish bath and visit Fethiye Museum during your holiday.
Kayakoy was a Greek village about 300 years ago. After the World War II agreement between Greece and Turkey they have exchanged the citizens. Before Greeks left Kayakoy, they had buried their valuables under the ground; The story is said that later nobody ever after living in the village tried to dig these treasures. Nowadays the city in ruins is inhabitant and looks like ghost city. This old ancient city should not be missed and will be a nice experience.
It is an exciting place on the banks of the river and when you walk along the bank you may see so many small restaurants. The river has a long famous canyon can be walked in cold water for about an hour. Rafting can also be arranged by the help of the experienced guides.
You can visit ruins of historic castle and you may also visit Alabalik Farm (sweet water fish).
It is in the south east of Fethiye. One of the most important cities of Lycia. The name derived from a huge rock above the minaret of the village mosque. You can see the rock tombs and you may also visit a well preserved theatre
It is located 1 Km from Kinik town. It was one of the leading town of Lycia.

The name comes from Dalyan River. It is becoming a very popular resort. You can visit Turtle Beach, enjoy mud bath and you may also do rafting.

This is the longest beach in Turkey approximately 12 Km long and the sand is so fine. Some people believe that Santa Claus was born somewhere around Patara. You may find so many pensions in that area.